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Meningitis B can lead to death within 24 hours3

Meningitis B is caused by bacteria that is spread through common adolescent behavior, like sharing cups or utensils, and communal living. Symptoms often seem like the flu, but meningitis B can become deadly within just 24 hours.3,4

Are you sure your child is protected?

Even if your child has been vaccinated for meningococcal disease (MCV4), he or she may not be vaccinated against meningitis B. Before 2014, there were no approved vaccines in the US for meningitis B.5


The CDC recommends that a meningitis B vaccine may be given to individuals 16 through 23 years of age. The preferred age for meningitis B vaccination is 16 through 18 years old.2

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Meningitis B coverage your child may be missing

  • There are 5 primary types of the bacteria that cause meningococcal disease in the US: A, C, Y, W, and B6
  • Until 2014, there was no vaccine approved to protect against meningococcal group B in the US5
  • Even if your child already received a vaccine for meningococcal disease (MCV4), he or she may not be protected against meningitis B5
  • TRUMENBA helps provide protection against meningitis B1

TRUMENBA vaccination on campus7,8

TRUMENBA was used in mass vaccination efforts against meningitis B outbreaks at Providence College and the University of Oregon in 2015.

FDA-approved to help protect adolescents and young adults

TRUMENBA is a meningitis B vaccine clinically studied in the United States. Patients in TRUMENBA clinical trials were adolescents and young adults.1

Have you or a loved one been impacted by meningitis B?

Pfizer is seeking adolescents and young adults who were affected by this disease. Whether you’re a survivor or a caregiver, we’d like to hear from you; your story may help others.